Pie Bird Bakeshop was founded in 2018 by Seattle native, Hannah Jacobsen. Every summer during her childhood, Hannah picked wild blackberries and made blackberry pies with her grandfather. Hannah's insatiable sweet tooth led her to explore pie baking on her own, starting with fruit pies and eventually moving to custard, cream, and savory pies. Hailing from a long line of entrepreneurs, Hannah decided to turn her love for baking and hospitality into a small business. After graduating from college in 2015, Hannah ventured to NYC where she learned to bake professionally at Petee’s Pie Company. In 2018, Hannah moved back to Seattle to turn her dream into reality. 

Pie Bird Bakeshop makes the tastiest pies in town by preparing all of our products in small batches and with the finest ingredients available. We make our standard crust with grass-fed butter and organic flour and our filling with local produce and natural sweeteners. We also constantly change our menu to celebrate the seasons and to honor the local agriculture of Washington. Pie Bird Bakeshop is proud to be a triple-bottom-line business, which means that we are committed to our employees, the local economy, and the environment.